When great parenting just isn't enough, try Teen Counseling

Its almost impossible to really be ready for the intricate and highly personal transformation teens make on their way to adulthood.  Kids need to learn about what is happening to their brains and nervous systems as their hormones switch in puberty. They need to understand why they feel so confused and why the rules feel like they are always changing. Most people know that puberty starts in the early teens, but they don’t realize that it often lasts until the late teens. And our brains continue to develop way past puberty into our 30’s. This transition is a truly magnificent marvel of genetics, and it can really scare some parents. 


It's Biological. What Can We Do?

Most of kids attitudes become way more pleasant when they start to understand the significance of what is happening to their psyches and why this is setting them up for a successful future. Just think of how tough it is as an adult, dealing with the future uncertainty of the economy and job market. Teens are actually going through huge brain changes that make life seem more uncertain than we can remember. They are experiencing significant internal uncertainty, combined with the external worldly problems we face. 

That doesn’t mean they are off the hook and should be allowed to engage in risky behaviors and break all the rules. After they understand why this transition has been difficult, they can start to make thought modifications and step-by-step behavioral changes. The teen years are all about developing autonomy and independence. So we use advanced psychology to help them feel extremely independent while getting their homework done. It’s not even a trick. So much of teen angst is just a reaction to the impossible needs of this transition period. By the way, there is no perfect environment for a teenager. 


It’s Not Your Fault

Its so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that if things were different and if you had only confronted the issue years ago this wouldn’t be happening. Wrong! Even the experts fall for this fundamental error all the time. Parents will say, “I really don’t know what I could have done differently. I guess I could have…” If you are looking at this page, seriously considering getting help for your kid, then you have already tried everything you know at least 100 times. That’s good parenting and good advocating. Two thumbs up!


Teen Counseling Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Young folks are actually chomping at the bit, just waiting for the right avenue to show their potential. So often society's problems and faulty school systems make life harder than it needs to be. So often teens just need the right insight from a neutral perspective, and their capacity to handle life just explodes with possibilities. 

Here in Northern Virginia, I help teens deal with bullying and start to make better friends. I help overcome teen depression and anxiety problems, increase school performance, and manage test anxiety. I help teens deal with school suspension or the legal problems related to getting arrested. I help teens deal with eating disorders, cutting, and other self-esteem issues. In more serious cases, I’ve successfully treated drug use like heroin addiction. Those kids are thriving and finishing high school or in college right now.

Start Teen Counseling now!

Regardless of where your teen is on the spectrum of development, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about therapy.  Feel free to call for a free consultation.

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