Life Without Depression

Your life can be filled with so much more potential than it is right now.  Imagine having abundant energy, increased memory capacity, and waking up each morning feeling rested and excited, ready to navigate the day and what ever life throws your way.  Huge advances in cognitive research and neuroscience make this type of individual transformation more accessible than ever before.   Even if this is your first exposure to psychology, you can become reasonably good at directing your thoughts and controlling your emotions in 10 to 12 weeks.  We now know that creating more effective thought process actually alters your brain structure unleashing a chain reaction of untapped potential.  Everyone should get a chance to see their truly optimized self in action. 

If it's Depression you are not alone

On average, depression uses up more sick days than heart disease. Researchers are now saying that nearly everyone will experience a level of clinical depression at some point in their life.  Don't worry you are reading this because you have already come to this crossroad.  It's also important to understand that it's not your fault, you didn't do anything wrong.  If you are living the way most people live, working really hard, not sleeping enough, not spending enough time with family and friends, your emotions inevitably end up paying the price.

Environmental stressors will come and go the same way they have for our parents and grandparents. Right now daily life is actually more overwhelming than ever.  You cant watch TV without being pitched new cars and useless household items every 12 minutes.  You probably wont even be able to finish reading this paragraph before your popup blocker has to get rid of someone trying to sell you an online education or medication you cant pronounce. Each one of us needs to figure out how to navigate these environmental irritants and the natural frustration they produce. The good news is that we are all naturally built to handle extreme emotions. We have a deep genetic biological resilience that returns us, even on our darkest days, to our natural psychic balance. With the help of sound psychology, you can develop the capacity to quickly get out of depressive thought cycles and thrive under almost any situation.


Return to your future when you treat Depression.

Dark, unpleasant feelings are actually a normal part of life, but they certainly don’t have to be the focus. Over the past 15 years, I have helped hundreds of people get a handle on their depressive patterns. 

Treatment usually follows a few basic phases. Initially, we locate the real scope and origin of the problem so that it becomes a definable and manageable issue. Depression is one of those states of mind that can negatively influence so many areas in our lives like sleep, motivation, relationships, work, etc. Don’t worry, the more prevalent these feelings are, the easier they will be to manage in the next phase of treatment. 

Next, I find that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) offers a great structure to disrupt the thoughts contributing to depressive feelings. It turns out that we all feel much better when our thoughts about the past are pleasant (or at least consistent) and the future seems optimistic. In therapy, we modify your thoughts in order to manage feelings and create new patterns of behavior. At the same time, it’s really helpful to begin practicing mindfulness exercises so that when you are done with therapy you can maintain the progress on your own.  

In the end, your life will, for the most part, be free of the depressive thought/feeling cycle. Your thoughts will naturally self-regulate making serious depression less likely. You will have multiple avenues to pursue making sure that your moods continue to improve with your future. 

Regardless of whether you are a teenager having the first real depressive thought or this is your latest stage of maturation, I can help you make sense of it. Feel free to give me a call with any further questions about depression treatment. I am available for a free phone consultation and to schedule an appointment. 

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