Addiction is now recognized as any behavior that gets in the way of attaining your goals. I have abandoned many of the old concepts and treatments for addiction because they just don't work. It's now completely possible to address these non-optimal behaviors with dignity and a sense of pride. 

Why is it that seeking help for your patterns makes you feel alone or weak? Why does it make you feel like a failure before you even get started? 

If you have had any previous contact with addiction treatment and were turned off, it's likely because of its focus on behaviorism and moral influence. This office on the contrary does not make addiction an issue of individual weakness or lack of will power.  When we look at addiction in a more systemic way, treatment incorporates a complete biological, psychological, and sociological focus.  This holistic approach assumes actual non-judgemental treatment. 

You don’t have to change who you are when you modify your life. For example, if you work really hard to get better at your job, you don’t become a different person. You become the employee, manager, or boss that fits your personal style. It’s just like becoming a mom or dad, husband or wife in that it can really bring out strong qualities in a person. These huge role changes don’t make you a different person; they emphasize existing qualities. In the same way, you don’t have to become a different person when you pick up or get rid of patterns in your personal life.   

This treatment takes an evolutionary and developmental approach to modifying your lifestyle. To avoid internal conflict, adjusting your patterns has to feel natural and make sense. 

I bring so much knowledge, research and excitement to this process that changing your patterns is no longer an embarrassing endeavor, it's actually fun and truly liberating. 

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