Game Changing Modifications For Psychological Development

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been the most widely used treatment for depression and anxiety for the past 15 years.  Its become so popular because of the direct hands on approach allowing people to gain control of their thoughts in just a few sessions.  This new found influence over thoughts changes moods and feelings right away.  The days of sitting on a couch talking endlessly about childhood have become a thing of the past.  

Still within the Cognitive Behavioral framework, I am shifting the therapy process to a more exciting real-time experience.  By targeting the actual stage of development for each person, we can start solving problems immediately. 

Far too often people spend time and money trying to change permanent parts of themselves.  This simply doesn't work.  Focusing on the wrong problem will lead to defeat and depression.  Its inherent in the design.  If you are focusing on your sense of humor because you think that will fix your intimacy problems you will continue to have problems and probably not get any funnier.  The fact is really funny people have intimacy issues all the time.  We don't want to assign a permanent trait as the focus point of a simple developmental problem. 

This therapy focuses on patterns influencing your life today rather than a more psychoanalytic approach of dredging up the past. While history is extremely important in understanding how today is perceived, it is not the focus. This is a powerful client-centered approach, enabling you to quickly tailor long-lasting cognitive, behavioral, and social change. Locating and effectively navigating the ongoing thought process and behavioral patterns influencing your daily life significantly influences the way you feel right now and in the future.

The goal of therapy is to foster a sense of internal guidance, with the goal of independence from therapy in the end. It only makes sense to participate in therapy as long as tremendous strides are being made toward optimizing your personal achievement. Like speaking a language you've already learned, you will apply the skills learned in therapy in new relationships. You will have an entirely new way to deal with your inner world as it relates to life and new challenges.

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