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Teen Counseling

Help get your teen back on track and give them a chance to reach their full potential. 

Psych Testing

Do you have ADHD or the need for clarity around another diagnosis?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your life better. In fact, the people you really care about feel better when you excel. Let's call it a form of enlightened self-interest. Psychological development happens in stages. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has a structured approach to help guide therapy during this process. When troubling thoughts are no longer keeping you in a state of distress, normal everyday challenges begin to feel like new possibilities. For some people, it's been years since they have really enjoyed family life, work, or a vacation. Remember, our daydreams and fantasies should be filled with tremendous possibilities rather than endless catastrophes. Each step towards more accurate thinking frees the creativity in your mind.